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Welcome to Kushsackbeanbagchairs.com. The best website on the internet to find Foam Bags made from the highest quality micro-suede, corduroy, and twill fabrics at the lowest prices. KushSac's oversized foam bags are made for all occasions. From playing video games for hours on end, to watching movies with that special someone, reading a book, or just taking a perfect nap after a long day. You will find that the KushSac is much like the LoveSac in quality but very different in price.

Sit on one of our "Kushy" memory foam filled "beanbags" (Though you will never find any beans in our bags) and see what it is like to finally feel comfort. Pick your favorite color and we guarantee to deliver within 10 business days with no added shipping costs! So, come on! What are you waiting for? Get Kush Komfortable with a KushSac!