About Us

Here at KushSack our goal has and will always be to provide top of the line products at the best price in the market. We became live on the internet in 2010 and have helped hundreds, if not thousands KushSack and relax. We found that after many years of searching for a company that can provide great foam products that donít cost an arm and a leg we would just do it ourselves. You will find that our fabric is the highest of quality micro suede and velvet. Both are premium heavy weight therefore, they will last and only get better with age. Also, try some of our promo fabrics for unique designs and textures. We truly believe that we have found the perfect mix of foam that will provide comfort that is not too soft and not too stiff but, just right for watching t.v., movies, reading a book, using your computer, playing video games or just taking a nap.

If you would like more information about us and how we can make your life more comfortable please feel free to send us an email to info@kushsackbeanbagchairs.com