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How to get two people safely into your KushSack Bean Bag Chair

(posted onApril 28, 2014)

I’m sure after reading the title of this blog you’re think, “isn’t that pretty easy to do.” You would think so, wouldn’t you? The truth is it’s not the hardest thing in the world but, for maximum comfort there are definitely some techniques that should be followed. We’ve noticed that there are three common conditions when multiple humans are sitting in their bean bag chairs. First of which is what we like to call the super snuggle. You intense cuddlers may love this but, for others this could make it tough to eat, drink, watch tv, or breath for that matter. Another factor that can cause discomfort is the cliff hanger. Yes, it is as dangerous as it sounds and may be the reason that you fall off your KushSack so much. Finally, you have the perfect seat where you and your loved one have just the right amount of room on each side of you; you are able to cuddle comfortably while maintaining all your wits about you. Of course we are able to discuss this most important topic because of our years of experience with KushSack and we’re excited to share these tips with you.
The super snuggle. Trust me when I tell you that this is as intense as it sounds. Generally, KushSackers reach this condition by having been seated in their large bean bag chair by them self for at least a few minutes. Then out of nowhere another KushSacker decides to join human #1. Well, you see human #1 has already created their very own sweet spot. You know what I’m talking about, you’ve sat in a bean bag before, you spend all that time fluffing it so that when you sit in it, it contours to your rump like a glove. Then human #2 jumps on in and because human #1 has already created that sweet spot human #2 is destined to slide right on top of human #1. If you’re human #2 you may try and push your butt into one of the sides of the perfectly formed crevice so that you have your own perfect rump gloved shaped seat, but there’s no hope. You will continually slide time and time again right on top of human #1 into the position we have rightfully named the super snuggle. Most snuggling takes place side by side, but with your KushSack, if you follow this technique for seating two, there is no way out of it, you are going to experience the super snuggle. Who knows, you may love it. I know people that do. I also know people that like to eat rotten cabbage, doesn’t mean it’s right.
The cliff hanger is the exact opposite of the super snuggle, but you get to it the same way. Just like with the super snuggle is starts with one human sitting and enjoying themselves. Human #2 comes by and tries to sit down with human #1 but, instead of landing on the inside of the crevice created by human #1 they land on the top or outside of the crevice. Therefore, instead of rolling on top of human #1 they role to the other side and unless you have prepare for this condition to take place you will run out of bean bag chair right away and land yourself on the floor. Hopefully you are on carpet so you at least get a small cushion. If you are on hardwood I suggest putting your arms over your face and trying to role with the fall. This is really your only option unless you have cat like reflexes and are able to get your feet under you in time. Keep in mind that no matter how many times you try and push your behind into the side of the crevice you are either going to roll into the super snuggle or the cliff hanger, unless of course you follow my instructions for the perfect seat.
Here is how you obtain the perfect seat: first, make sure that you have fluffed your KushSack as much as possible. You do this by continually pushing, pulling, lifting, punching, and adjusting your KushSack until it looks like a perfectly round ball. Once you have completed the fluff stand side by side with the person of your choice that you are willing to sit down for a long period of time with. Make sure that you are standing so if lasers were coming out of both of your eyes they would be running parallel to one another, and so that your rumps are facing the bean bag. Now this next step is by far the most important and there are a couple of ways to do it so listen close. Either designated one of the two of you are you can do it together at the same time, but you will need to count to three. 1,2,3! Then at the very same time jump backwards pushing your butt out almost as if you are already sitting. Thanks to gravity you should fall directly on your KushSack thus creating two crevices at the same time. Chances are you will mess this up a time or two before getting it just right. That is ok. Just repeat the steps until you have found the perfect seat. Remember to not over shoot the KushSack with your backwards butt jump, this could lead to some tail bone issues.
If you don’t already know this, here it is; you can sit however you would like and I’m positive that no matter how that is, as long as it’s on a KushSack it will be comfortable. I hope that if there is confusion as to why you are struggling sitting two people that we have been able to solve that problem for you. Thank you for taking time to read this blog please let us know other questions that you may have about your KushSack, and always remember to KushSack and Relax.

KushSack too Stiff? Here’s how to Fix it!

(posted onApril 17, 2014)

Over the years of providing great bean bag chairs for our customers we have come across a few people that had a KushSack wasn’t quite sitting right. It was just a hair to stiff and the customer couldn’t quite figure out what to do. Basically, the only issue was that the insert (the inner liner that holds the foam in) had way too much foam. Sometimes our guys putting foam in the inner liner get excited and put too much. Well, ladies and gentlemen there is an easy fix for that and in this blog that is what we intend to help you out with.
The first thing that you will want to is take your cover off of your KushSack. This will make it easier to get to the foam. Once you’ve removed the cover you will find a small zipper on the insert. We make this zipper smaller because that way even if the zipper is open, all of the foam won’t come spilling out. Once you have located the zipper we recommend that you rotate it so that the zipper is at the top of your KushSack facing upwards. Once you have the zipper facing up go ahead and unzip your insert. Again, make sure that your zipper is facing up because once you unzip the inner liner you will expose the foam, and by opening the zipper when your bean bag chair is on its side or facing down there is a good chance that foam will begin to spill out especially because as mentioned earlier your inner liner already has too much foam in it.
Now that you have the inner liner opened you can begin to remove the foam. We recommend having a trash bag, trash can or cubby directly next to the opening so that you can pull the foam out with your hand and dump it directly into the container of your choice. Pull out the foam in small amounts and continue to test the KushSack by zipping up the inner liner and sitting on it. Continue to repeat this process until you find the perfect fit to your rear end.
Once you have the perfect amount of foam in your foam bean bag chair you will now want to figure out what you are going to do with the extra foam. One option would be to throw it away which you are more than welcome to do, but if you have the space and can store it, you may want to save the extra foam. We suggest this because as with any furniture that is filled with foam the original fluff will lessen over time. After thousands of enjoyable experiences in your KushSack with loved ones watching your favorite shows or just enjoying each other’s company you may notice that the fluff you originally had has gone down just a little bit. Well, if you are able to save the foam you would be able to go out to your garage or storage unit, grab that extra foam and refill your KushSack, bringing it right back to its perfect fit for many more years to come.
When you are emptying the inner liner or refilling it with foam we always recommend to keep a vacuum nearby. Even the best of the best are going to drop a few (or many) foam particles.
Although we don’t anticipate you having to empty or refill the inner liner, we hope that you find this information useful. Even more important than that we hope that you are able to KushSack and relax for as long as humanly possible. Please let us know if you have any comments or questions in relation to this article. We appreciate your business and hope to provide many more foam filled products for you to enjoy.

How to get your bean bag chair to stop Shocking you!

(posted onMarch 26, 2014)

We have recently had a few of our customers reach out to us and tell us that their bean bag chair is static’y, and everytime they are around it, they get shocked. Well, I’m sure none of you out there want to get shocked while enjoying your KushSack, so we put together some tips that can help you avoid or embrace that pesky static electricity. Here you go:

1.Take your favorite fabric softeners sheets out and rub them all over your foam bean bag chair. This is probably the easiest and quickest fix. Fabric softeners are made for this so why not take advantage. And on top of all of that, if you pick the right fabric softener your bean bag will smell amazing!
2. Take the cover off of and machine wash and dry it. All of our covers are machine washable. We do recommend that you dump a ton of fabric softener in, that is, if you use liquid fabric softener. I recommend that you hang dry if you do in fact use liquid softener. If you use fabric softener sheets go ahead and machine dry it, just make sure that the heat is set fairly low. You don’t want to scorch your bean bag.
3. Move to another state ;-) . Some states are just more dry than others, and the dry weather (especially in the summer) will cause static electricity regardless of what you do. So why not try another state that has a bit more humidity? Ok, this suggestion may not be feasible for most of us, we get that.
4. In the case that you cannot move to another state, just try and move your KushSack to another room. Maybe your KushSack and certain rooms in your house just can’t get along. Separating them could make all the difference in the world. Just like when the kids are fighting over the KushSack.
5. Embrace it, go get a balloon, blow it up, rub it all over your hair, and all over your bean bag chair. Turn off the lights and see if you can actually see the spark from the shock happen. I’ve actually done this myself and it can be a great form of late night entertainment.
6. Find a little kid that you are able to pick up. Pick them up and throw them into your KushSack. Full disclosure, this has nothing to do with how to stop the static, but if you’ve ever done this it is a ton of fun. Be careful. Make sure you don’t over shoot your target, that could end the fun very quickly. This is also something that I have personal experience with, and I am yet to find a child that doesn’t love it.

Alright, we’ve laid out a handful of solutions for you to try. Numbers 1 and 2 are probably going to be your best bet, but please try the others as well. They are meant mostly for fun and if you haven’t done them yet, then you are missing out. Please give me feedback on these suggestions and let me know if they are helpful. Or even better, if you’ve found a great solutions that works for you, please let us know. We are all ears and would love to hear about them. You can get in touch with us through our Facebook, Twitter, and Google +. Also, feel free to send emails to And of course remember to KushSack and relax.

Oversized Bean Bags

(posted onFebruary 4, 2014)

Oversized bean bags are the newest thing in the line of bean bag furniture. These foam bean bags are sophisticated enough to go with the décor of your house. And still they are comfortable enough to give you the soft cushiony coziness that bean bags are known for. Once you bring them to your home, these bags will soon become the most favorite spot for every member of your family.

The most popular oversized bean bags are 6 feet in diameter. Being so huge, they are usually able to hold 3 or more adults at one time. Many find oversized bean bags perfect for a party or Monday night football.

Oversized bean bags and comfort

The exterior of most bean bags is made up of soft plush material that gives soothing a feeling. Imagine lying on a real big cozy bean bag and you will hop out to buy one in no time. Once you get it in your home, the only thing left to do is to plop down, digging yourself in the soft memory foam mix and just surrendering yourself to the bean bag!

Why not a dorm room chair

What is the quintessential furniture that makes up a dorm room? Of course it is an oversized bean bag. College kids love bean bags mostly because they are affordable. They are also loved because they go with any décor. But the most important reason that bean bags become an essential part of a college room is because they are fun.

Kids love them

Which kid doesn’t love jumping up and down on the couch? With these oversized bean bags, jumping will be all the more fun. An oversized bean bag means oversized enjoyment. A KushSack is no doubt the furniture that kids love to have in their rooms. A word of caution though – these chairs will not stay put. Kids will take them along to whichever room they go to. They like dragging it around, they like plopping it down and the forming it to fit any shape. What more, you can easily find oversized bean bags in bright colors and cool designs to attract kids.

In addition to the size advantage, many oversized bean bags are also very stylish making them an excellent substitute for furniture. You can lie on these bags for an entire day and still you will not get bored. Oversized bean bags are also able to withstand every day wear and tear and thus you would not have to worry about their maintenance. Just take toe cover off every once and a great while and through it in the washing machine like you would a dirt article of clothing.

Today’s oversized bean bags are not the hard bead-filled bags of yesterday. They are filled with ergonomically-designed filler material. This material takes the shape of your body as you sit on it. And as soon as you leave the bean bag, the filler material springs back to regain its original shape.

Large Bean Bag Chairs

(posted onJanuary 20, 2014)

The fastest-growing section in bean bag furniture is that of large bean bag chairs. These chairs are the best way to give a stand-out element to any room. As an adult, once in a while, you might get nostalgic about the good old days of your college where you spent hours lounging on a bean bag. Then how about bring a bean bag chair in the house to relive that nostalgia!
Large bean bag chairs are a wonderful addition to a college room dormitory. Not just that, they go well in media centers, play rooms, community centers and relaxation rooms in offices. These comfortable chairs provide a much better alternative to dull chairs that you mostly seen in offices.

Large bean bag chairs are a success in the corporate world. Large companies are increasingly getting custom-made sacks for lounge rooms in their offices. Companies such as Coors Light, Coca-Cola, Yahoo and NBC are just a few examples of those who are following this trend.

Large bean bag chairs come in a variety of fabrics. Some of the fabrics available in the market right now are velvet, microfiber and fun fur. Micro Suede is the most commonly used fabric. It is easy to maintain as one just needs take off the cover and through it in the washing machine and dryer to clean it. This fabric is comfortable, and soft to the touch, and is available in several colors. When choosing a fabric, apart from the look and feel of the fabric, another consideration should be if the fabric is machine washable to not. If the fabric is machine washable, the large bean bag chair’s cover can be taken off from the chair and washed straight in the washing machine and later fluffed dry. You will find that all of KushSack’s fabrics are machine washable.

Many large bean bag chairs also come with an extra bag of filling at KushSack, we call this the insert. Whenever you feel that the bean bag is sagging, you can simply fill up some more filling to give it a new lease of life. This is why we always recommend flipping your KushSack to keep the foam fluffy. The filling material, polystyrene foam is the best material available in the market. It is soft enough to give you a cozy feeling. And it is strong enough to withstand compression. This material doesn’t lose its sponginess and shape.

Things to do With a Huge Bean Bag Chair

(posted onJanuary 14, 2014)

A huge bean bag chair can increase the fun quotient of any place in minutes. Have you seen how kids behave as they get their hands on a huge bean bag chair? All they want to do is jump up and down on the chair. Surprisingly, I have seen adults exhibiting similar excitement in the vicinity of a bean bag. Just like kids, adults too want to climb on the chair, put their feet up, roll around and snuggle up in it in every position possible. Here are a list of some fun and crazy things you can do with a fun foam bean bag chair:

Take Selfies – Selfies have become a popular social networking fad. Every now and then, you too must be feeling the need to take a good shot of yourself and post it on your Instagram. Need ideas for selfies? Lounge in your huge bean bag chair and show the world how cool you are. You can take your picture watching a game or having a good time with your friends.

Profile pics: Speaking of pics, huge bean bag chair can give you some nice profile picture ideas. Just drag the chair in strange places and take your pics there. How about in your backyard, or on top of a tall building, or in the middle of a football field, or inside a store in a mall? The possibilities are endless. These pictures will capture your friends’ attention at once and would get you a plenty of ‘likes’ and ‘shares.’
Mid-air poses: Want an opportunity to jump up on the huge bean bag chair just like kids do? Then go ahead – what are you waiting for? Huge bean bags are the best prop to try your mid-air poses on. As you jump and try poses, you land safely on the chair.

Play games: A huge bean bag chair is a thing to share with family and friends. And you can do this sharing in a playful way. You can try many party games with a bean bag. Like how many people can climb on a bean bag at once. Or an obstacle race in the backyard with the bean bag.

Huge bean bag chairs are not just a fun furniture item they can add style and sophistication as well. You can easily find bean bag chairs in variety of colors, sizes and fabrics. With such variety, you can easily match them with the décor of any room. Some companies are offering full bean bag furniture sets. In these sets, a huge bean bag chair is paired with matching Kush Stool bean bag (which can act as a center table) and matching foot stool bean bags.

Huge bean bag chairs fit well in dormitory, kids play area, living room and even patio. If you have a small apartment, bean bag chairs are a must because they make a fabulous statement in such area. If you are trying to give a modern look to your home with fun and futuristic furniture, huge bean bags chair is your answer.
We hope that this blog post helps you understand the great fun you can have with a your KushSack.

Giant Bean Bags

(posted onJanuary 9, 2014)

Are you looking for cozy yet light, comfortable yet sophisticated furniture for your house? How about buying a giant bean bag to add that extra element to your house?

Today giant bean bags in stunning styles and attractive colors are in the market. The best part is that they are big enough to accommodate all family members at the same time. These bags provide a cozy space where you will love hanging out to relax and unwind. They will go well in every room of your house, be it the living room, or the study or kids’ play room.

Giant bean bags were a craze of the 70s. And that craze is coming back in fashion. The reason people have started revisiting this bean bag craze is because these chairs are versatile, portable, practical and most of all comfortable. These bags are must have for every household, but more so for those with children.

Initially, giant bean bags were filled with Styrofoam pellets but they were soon discarded because of the safety threat they posed to children. However, giant bean bags today are filled with polyurethane shredded foam or memory foam. This foam doesn’t pose safety risk and add much more shape and comfort to the chair.

You might have brought your sofa for cheap or for an expensive price, but you wouldn’t dream of dragging it around the house. Lightweight as the chair is, it is easier to pull them around and place them where required.

If you have a back or neck pain problem, try relaxing on a giant bean bag for a few days. Being both ergonomic and cozy in nature, these chairs help your body relax, as if you ate taking a massage.
Bean bags work best in kid’s room. It provides them a soft place as they sit and watch television, or read of generally play in their room.

Giant bean bags come in typically four shapes – teardrop, sack, cylinder and armchair. Out of these, sack is the most popular bean bag. These chairs can be customized to go best with the décor of the house and the location where you are planning to place them. A sack shaped bean bag chair can also conform to almost any position, which makes it easy to find a place in the house that it will fit.

Bean bags are also coming in a variety of designs and fabrics. Some of these fabrics are vinyl, fun fur, microfiber, denim and cotton. When buying a giant bean bag, look for the one with a separate cover than the liner. In such a bean bag, you can take out the outer cover and wash it in the washing machine separately.

So whether you want a place to just sit and snuggle, or a place to enjoy drinks with friends, or a place to read bedtime stories to your kids, giant bean bags are a great choice.

If you are interested in owning your very own Giant Bean Bag Chair visit

Best Bean Bag Chair

(posted onJanuary 4, 2014)

A bean bag chair sounds exciting and fun. They have been used for years now and still the fashion doesn’t goes. Those who are able to find the best bean bag chairs, stick with them for life. But how do you know if a bean bag chair is the best? What are the features that you should look out for? Here’s a quick list of some of the features that make a bean bag chair best:

Best bean bag feature – Quality of stuffing material

Stuffing material is the soul of a bean bag chair. Earlier bean bag chairs were stuffed with actual bean! How uncomfortable! Thankfully that is not the practice today. However, some bean bags come with stuffing with remains wonderful only for the first few days. After that, the stuffing starts compressing owing to pressure from use. Such a bean bag chair will not be able to give to give the comfort you desire. A supreme quality of stuffing material makes the bean bag chair best. This stuffing material should retain its shape even after years of use. It should easily mold itself according to the body of the person using it.

Best bean bag feature – Therapeutic qualities

The best bean bag chair will not be merely a chair, it will be a therapeutic chair. Studies show that prolonged use of bean bag chairs can help in lowering stress. This happens because a good bean bag chair contours the body well and thus you feel well supported when you lie on it. People with back problems also will find bean bag useful for the very same reason. The foam inside the bean bag offers appropriate support without being too rigid.

Best bean bag chair feature – Affordability

A good bean bag chair will be the one which is affordable. It is often not too cheap and not too expensive. They come in that budget range that people are don’t mind paying for.

Best bean bag chair feature – Fun and family

The best bean bag chair is the one which each member of the family can share and enjoy with. Bean bag chair is symbolic of good times. Family and friends should be able to relax on the chair and enjoy its comfort. A bean bag thus also brings family together. Grandma can knit her sweater on it and grandpa can watch his football game, mom can read her magazines and father can do his laptop work. And of course, children can jump around all the same. It is like a big family vacation that one can enjoy on the best bean bag chair.
Best bean bag chair feature – Specifications

Some of the product specifications that make a bean bag chair best are

- Made from eco-friendly material or recycle material
- Superior material used in the chair
- With additional support for the back or foot area
- Safe locking zipper for any spill prevention and as a child safety feature
- Filled with organic foam that is halogen-free and fire retardant
- Light

Bean Bag Furniture

(posted onDecember 26, 2013)

In the 80s and 90s, bean bag furniture gained huge popularity. However, they started getting associated with college dorm rooms and their decline started. They came cheaply made so consumers didn’t take them seriously. And they were even thought of as a waste of money because one tear and they would become useless.
However, today bean bag furniture has taken a completely different style appealing to people of all ages again. Today they are one of the hottest and trendiest furniture available in the market. They are in demand and high on the list of every person interested in furnishing their house. There are many advantages that they offer because of which they have become the ultimate pieces of furniture. Some of these benefits are:

1. Bean bag furniture is kid friendly

Bean bag furniture is the best furniture you can have for kids. It is durable, easy on maintenance and can be even cleaned by a kid. Because of children’s active and restless lifestyle, kid’s room furniture gets quite a beating. It is dragged around, climbed on, jumped on, punched on and what not. Only bean bag furniture can stay put in such a situation. The comfortable and soft bean bags also act as a perfect bed when kids are tired and in need of a nap.

2. Bean bag furniture is easy to clean

As I mentioned earlier, bean bags are so easy to maintain that even a kid can clean them! You just have to take out the outer most cover and wash it in a washing machine and fluff to dry, it is that simple. While buying a bean bag furniture piece, make sure that you buy one that retains its shape even after taking the outer cover. This requires an inner lining.

3. Bean bag furniture is comfortable

When it comes to comfort, bean bags definitely beat your typical couches. Typical couches or chairs have a set shape. Sitting on them often gets tiring as their shape doesn’t match with the shape of our body. Bean bag furniture on the other hand, takes the shape of whoever sits on it. It gently contours the body of the person. They are so comfortable that even sitting on them for extended period doesn’t hurt. That is why watching movie on them or playing video games on them are comfortable.

4. Bean bag furniture offers mobility

Once you keep bean bag furniture in a room, unlike a couch, it can be moved around. It can be taken from room to room. If you are sipping lemonade in the garden, you can take it there. If you are talking to a friend I living room, you can take it there. If you are reading a book at night, you can take it to your bedroom. Whether it is moving it within a room or whether it is moving it in a room on another floor, you can do it as this furniture doesn’t weight much.

5. Bean bag furniture is customizable

Why bean bag is gaining popularity from people of all age groups is because of its customizable nature. It comes in a variety of colors, fabrics, styles and sizes.
With all that side bean bag furniture is a great solution for any room in the house.

Furnishing Ideas with Bean Bag Chairs

(posted onDecember 16, 2013)

Gone are the days when bean bag chairs were associated with college dormitories. Or they were considered as just a piece of extra furniture that children play with when they got bored. And nobody took bean bag chairs seriously.

Today, bean bag chairs are the in-thing in furnishing. Their presence in a house is considered stylish and even chic. Especially if the overall décor of your house is a little casual and laid-back, bean bag chairs can bring to it feeling of groove and rock-and-roll. Here are some of bean-bag-furnishing ideas that you can use to give an edge to your abode:

• You can use a bean bag chair to make a reading corner in your family room. Just take up an oversized bean bag in an interesting fabric and place it in a spacey corner in the room. You can also place one or two small cushions on this bean bag to complete the look.
• If you gave a sunroom, bright-colored bean bag grouped together can make the perfect centerpiece.
• For a drawing room, keep small-sized bean bags bordering the longest wall. Make sure that these bean bags are of different colors. The bean bags will border this wall pretty well and will come in handy when you need extra seating.
• You can find bean bag chairs that mimic traditional chairs and sofas. They are perfect to be places right along your regular furniture.
• For giving a relaxing atmosphere to a room, place an oversized bean bag and use it as a chaise.
• You can do a variety of things with shaped bean bag chairs. Like a cube shaped bean bag can be used as an ottoman or a side table.
• You can use a loveseat sized bean bag chair to watch movies on movie night with your family. The size and the comfort of the bean bag will give you coziness and you will be able to cuddle at the same.
• For making a side conversation area in any room, use a couple of bean bag chairs with a small side table. You can even use this space to play games such as chess.
• Investing in a bean bag sleeper is a good idea. It can act as a play space in children’s room. And as soon as you have company, you can use it as a spare sleeping mattress.

With time, bean bag chairs have also grown up. They now exhibit fashion and sophistication that you need in your house’s furnishings. Bean bags have evolved because of the variety of shapes and styles that they come in. The texture and the color of their fabric have also made a huge difference.

You can say goodbye to stiff and rigid furniture that often turn out to be very expensive. With a little research and planning, you can do a good mix and match between traditional furniture and bean bag furniture, thus adding a fashionable and futuristic taste to your house. And that too without spending a fortune!

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