6’ KushSack Promo Product

$199 KushSack Promo Product

Thank you for visiting our Promo Fabrics Page. Here you will get by far the best deal on any 6’ foam filled bean bag on this website and anywhere else on the internet. All fabrics are made of the highest quality materials, are machine washable, therefore you can beat them up as much as you want and they will only continue to look better through time. These fabrics are limited and when they’re gone they’re gone, so make sure you take advantage of these great saving on this great product.

Fabric Descriptions:

Terry Plush - Our Terry Plush fabric if for those of you who love your terry bathrobe and wish you could walk around in it all day long. It is made out of Terry material and sitting in it will give you that soft warm feeling that you’re terry bathrobe would.

Swirl Velvet - Swirl Velvet is just that, great velvet feel with and swirl added to it. Great if you love velvet and want something a little different.

Plush Premium Suede - Plush Premium Suede has our great suede feel of the fabric with added comfort due to the padded foam back to the fabric. Added foam padding, equals added Kush Komfort.

Premium Suede Wine - We don’t know how this amazing fabric made it over to our $199 page but, it did. This suede is just as great as our Premium Micro Suede, (maybe even better) the only difference is the price.

Kush Furr -Kush Furr is our only fur fabric on the website. This fabric is soft and cozy and of course furry. This is the perfect fabric for anyone that likes that warm feeling of fur.

Textured Velvet -With this Textured Velvet fabric you can enjoy our same great velvet fabric with a bit of extra texture added to it to give your bean bag a unique look and feel.

Please email with any further questions on these $199 Promo Fabrics at info@kushsackbeanbagchairs.com.

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Price: $199.00